Takapuna Ocean Paddlers

Click here to find out what is happening on the North Shore of Auckland, where the cool cats live and play! Takapuna Ocean Paddlers (SUP, surfkski and waka-ama) enjoy the white sandy beaches and ready-access to the waves when the NE-ly swell kicks in!


Takapuna Ocean Paddlers mark the location of one of the early success stories of surfski paddling in Auckland. The club boasts a primo spot for downwind paddling, clean blue surf and readily available facilities, right on the beach (including the clubhouse upstairs bar, which is a complete winner after our regular summer Tuesday evening race series!) In the heady hey-days of surfski paddling in the early 2000's, there was a 1 year waiting list for rack-space for a ski, but times have changed somewhat with the shifting of the weekly summer State Beach Series to no longer cater for surfskiers, and the new City Surf Series over to Mission Bay. The local boys and girls are always keen to help out a new paddler, or get someone kitted out with a boat.


With ready-access to Rangitoto Island, with it's iconic volcanic skyline shape, Takapuna Ocean Paddlers really do enjoy world class paddling conditions in their front-yard. Weekend training sessions include paddles across the Rangi-Channel around Rangitoto Island, often stopping for a run up to the crater, or simply to the lighthouse and back.

Group training sessions run on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:30AM, and at 8AM on Saturdays and Sunday mornings.

The groups from Takapuna and Royal Akarana clubs will get together and synch up for downwind paddles whenever the conditions are good!  


A number of events run from Takapuna. In the summer, the Tuesday Night Race Series is a wonderfully simple, uncomplicated event hosted by Oskar Stielau, using a simple Go-Pro camera on a pole as our timing mechanism. Get down there at 5:30PM.

A number of other events firm up over the summer, and will be posted on this site.


For more information, click on the club's weblink at http://takapunaboating.org.nz/site/webpages/general/surfski

Otherwise, join their Facebook Group to contact the local team. Get in touch and get paddling!