POP 101: Surfski Basics Instruction

New to Surfski-Paddling? Keen for a leg-up? Then the Pacific-Ocean-Paddler 1-O-1 session is just what you need! 


One-on-one sessions are highly recommended for beginner/novice or intermediate paddlers. Many paddlers spend years without a solid understanding of the basic essentials, and take far longer than they should ever have to to develop the most basic of safety skills, paddle technique and efficient gear setup. Meet the rest of the local boys and girls at the thriving RAYC, and increase your confidence on the water. Now more than ever there are a large number of paddlers in the greater Auckland, New Zealand area who are new to the sport. This is a result of a large number of new, stable, entry-level and intermediate-level surfski's being made immediately available on the market. Establish as early as possible a base set of skills that have taken most paddlers years to learn. Of course, if you know a paddler who has some experience, ask them to show you the ropes! There are plenty of paddlers more than keen to get new paddlers moving along faster. If you don't have ready access to someone who can afford to put in the time showing you how to master the basics, this session is for you. This session is also suitable for new paddlers who are keen to determine whether their level of skill is sufficient for some of the downwind races on the calendar. In your 1 hour 30 min One-On-One session, we will cover theory and on the water instruction:


Suitable surfski selection: Primary vs. secondary stability, boat length.
Suitable paddle selection: How selecting the right paddle will maximise your stability and performance.
Correct paddle setup: Layback, size, shaft length, feather, LH or RH feathering, paddle care, how to pick up and carry your ski.
Correct Boat Ergonomics: Maximise leg drive, stability and comfort.
Maximising Boat Setup: Leg length, steering system adjustment, considerations for juice-systems, self bailers, rudder type.
Optimal Boat Care: various types of craft, craft constructions techniques, and the pro’s and cons of each, boat maintenance and care.
Safety On The Water: Boat-leash vs paddle leash, PFD setup, flares, Personal Locator Beacons, paddling with others, choosing a good training course for the conditions.
Selecting the right clothing for the conditions: Gloves/pogies, what materials should you avoid/wear, sun protection, colour of clothing and why this is important.



Deep-water remount technique: How to remount your ski in the most gnarly of conditions, and how a bullet-proof remount will change your paddling confidence forever!
Basic Paddle Stroke Technique: The kayaker’s equivalent of a golf swing; some basic tips on developing the fundamentals of paddling. Develop a good technique when you start and save yourself significant work later!
Paddling in Waves: What to avoid, what to chase, how to read the water.
Safety on the water: Common mistakes and how to avoid them.
Competition: How to train for a long distance event



All gear provided (Paddles, PFD, Suitable Choice of Boat) Just bring your own paddlewear.  NZD $90
You supply all your own gear (boat, PFD, paddles, and paddlewear -we can provide other boats to try.)  NZD $75


One-On-One sessions are held at Okahu Bay, on the beach in front of Fergs. Park at Royal Akarana Yacht Club (8-10 Tamaki Drive, Auckland). Showers and change room facilities are available.


Contact Garth at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more info, and to set up a time.